Academia : School Simulator

Design, build, and manage a high school with terrific teachers and fantastic facilities or simply let your students poop in the bushes? Academia : School Simulator is a management/tycoon game where you get to decide!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Academia : School Simulator released?

Academia : School Simulator was released on 8 Sep, 2017

Who was the developer that made Academia : School Simulator?

Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc were the developers that made Academia : School Simulator

Who made academia school simulator?

Squeaky Wheel Studio

Is Sakura School Simulator violent?

This game is not an action and shooting game and so on but a simulator. Although we made violent actions and elements valid, but there are no descriptions of blood in the game. The people in the game world will be only fainted but will not be die.

Who created high school simulator?

High School Simulator is a game series that is like School Girls Simulator. It is mainly developed by Kuma Games. There are currently 4 games implemented in the series, High School Simulator GirlA, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

What is the best simulator app?

– The Sims Mobile.
– The Escapists 2.
– Godus.
– Fallout Shelter.
– Pocket City.
– Game Dev Tycoon.
– Farming Simulator 20.
– Rebel Inc.

Can you be a boy in Sakura school simulator?

With five playable characters, both male and female available, this game is perfect for anyone. The mobile game is played in a little fictional Sakura town.8 Apr 2021

What is the latest version of academia school simulator?

The most recent content update is 0.3. 23 released on July 30th, 2019.

What is the best simulator ever?

– War Thunder.
– World of Warships.
– Kerbal Space Program.
– Railway Empire.
– Train Sim World.
– Farming Simulator 19.
– Microsoft Flight Simulator.
– F1 2020.

What devices can you play academia school simulator?

– OS: Windows 7,8,8.1,10 64-bit.
– Processor: 2.8 Ghz.
– Memory: 8 GB RAM.
– Graphics: onboard.
– Storage: 400 MB available space.

What age can you play SAKURA School Simulator?

SAKURA School Simulator 12+

What is the most fun Simulator?

– 8 Animal Simulator.
– 9 Pet Swarm Simulator. …
– 10 Laundry Simulator. …
– 11 Speedman Simulator. …
– 12 Champion Simulator. …
– 13 Eating Simulator. …
– 14 Bakery Simulator. …
– 15 Strongman Simulator. Strongman Simulator is still one of the most popular simulator games in Roblox thanks to its recent updates. …