Airline Manager 4

Create & manage your own airline

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Airline Manager 4 released?

Airline Manager 4 was released on 23 Jun, 2021

Who was the developer that made Airline Manager 4?

Trophy Games were the developers that made Airline Manager 4

How do I skip the tutorial in flight Manager 4?

You get one (1) plane at the start, set up a route for a two hour flight and then they just show you the skip time option, which costs real money, but is free the first time (of course). That’s their ‘tutorial’. After that, you can practically exit the game.

Can you sell planes in Manager 4?

When trying to sell a plane, you’ll be prompted with the option of selling on the Second-hand market as well as the option to “Sell for parts” you’re already used to.

What is category in airlines manager?

Category: the aircraft category is defined by its takeoff distance. An aircraft can fly on routes with a category equal or lower than the aircraft’s one.