Amnesia™: Memories

You awaken to find your memories gone. To learn the truth behind your amnesia, you’ll choose from five romantic paths, each its own world. With 20+ endings, can you write the lasting love story you deserve, or will your love and life come to an end?

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Amnesia™: Memories released?

Amnesia™: Memories was released on 25 Aug, 2015

Who was the developer that made Amnesia™: Memories?

Idea Factory, Design Factory were the developers that made Amnesia™: Memories

Is amnesia memories a good game?

Overall, Amnesia: Memories is a great and solid game. It’s different, refreshing and interesting in comparison to the other otome games on the market. Besides, how often do you see a game of this quality writing, art, music and voice acting on sale for $2.99USD?25 Mar 2017

When did amnesia memories come out?

Amnesia: Memories

Who does heroine end up with in Amnesia anime?

She is the childhood friend of Shin and Toma who asked the two to marry her, but Toma said it’s not possible for both of them to marry her and she had to choose one of them. As a young child, she chose to marry Shin when they got older.

Is amnesia memories on switch?

Amnesia: Memories Will Be Coming to Switch With Two New Companion Games in Fall 2022. Idea Factory announced during the latest New Games Plus Expo (NGPX) Showcase that otome game Amnesia: Memories will be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.2 Apr 2022

Is the anime amnesia a game?

What order should I play amnesia memories?

– Shin ♡ (Word of Hearts)
– Ikki ♤ (World of Spades)
– Kent ♧ (World of Clovers)
– Toma ♢ (World of Diamonds)
– Ukyo (Joker World)

How long does it take to finish amnesia memories?

approximately 20-30 hrs

Is amnesia memories the first game?

Amnesia Later
Original run
Amnesia: Memories