Arctic Trucker Simulator

Arctic Trucker Simulator – officially endorsed by Alex Debogorski – takes you down the world’s iciest and most dangerous roads!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Arctic Trucker Simulator released?

Arctic Trucker Simulator was released on 7 Oct, 2016

Who was the developer that made Arctic Trucker Simulator?

United Independent Entertainment were the developers that made Arctic Trucker Simulator

Is there an ice road truckers game?

Join Hugh, Lisa and Alex in Ice Road Truckers the game as you battle the toughest winter roads the world has to offer. Tackle slippery terrain, avoid frozen lakes, and boost over ramps to see how many miles you can go before the ice road claims another victim.

What is the best truck in truck simulator USA?

– Kenworth W900.
– Mack Anthem.
– Kenworth T680.
– Volvo VNL.
– Peterbilt 579.
– International Lonestar.

What is the most realistic Truck Simulator for Android?

– Truck Simulator 3D. …
– European Truck Simulator. …
– Grand Truck Simulator. …
– Heavy Truck Simulator. …
– Truck Simulator: Europe 2. …
– Recycle Dump Truck Simulation. …
– Truck Simulator USA. …
– Truck Simulator: Offroad.

What is the most realistic Truck Simulator?

We chose American Truck Simulator Gold as our top pick overall because of its realistic driving and handling and because many models are included. Our best value pick is Mudrunner – American Wilds Edition for its genuine vehicle movement and the iconic models it features.6 May 2021

What’s the fastest truck in American Truck Simulator?

What is the fastest truck? The 2021 Ram TRX is the most powerful production pickup truck ever made. It has a supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine that cranks out 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque.

How much does a trucking simulator cost?

The VS600M Truck Simulator looks like part of a truck cabin with a realistic seat, controls and a 360-degree view simulated by high-resolution screens. The technology can cost up to $350,000 — out of the reach of most operators and smaller fleets.3 Jun 2015

How do I make the most money in American Truck Simulator?

Another way is having at least 2 garages on two different corners of the map and large number of drivers with their own trucks. Now open the garage manager and use quick trip. Time passes and the employees are earning money by delivering their cargo. The more employees in your company, the greater earning.

Which is the best simulator truck game?

– Hard Truck 2.
– Clustertruck.
– American Truck Simulator.
– Euro Truck Simulator 2.
– Snowrunner.
– FIA European Truck Racing Championship.
– Forza Horizon 5.

Which is the best truck driving simulator?

– Hard Truck 2.
– Clustertruck.
– American Truck Simulator.
– Euro Truck Simulator 2.
– Snowrunner.
– FIA European Truck Racing Championship.
– Forza Horizon 5.

Is American Truck Simulator map realistic?

ATS represents real-life laws on how long a driver is allowed to work before resting, as well as finite fuel, so distributing places where the player can rest and refuel across the map helped to de-stress driving long journeys.25 Mar 2020

What is the most powerful truck in American Truck Simulator?

The Volvo FH16 with 700 horsepower is the world’s most powerful truck. It is built for the most demanding haulage assignments. Despite its 700 horsepower, there is no increase in either its emissions or fuel consumption.