Arkos is a first-person fantasy shooter with destructible voxel environment inspired by the classic retro shooters from 90-s

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was ARKOS released?

ARKOS was released on 3 Nov, 2021

Who was the developer that made ARKOS?

RetroSouls were the developers that made ARKOS

Is 351ELEC Linux?

351ELEC was the first custom firmware to be released for the RG351P, in November 2020. Its primary developer, fewtarius, bought an RG351P and liked it so much that he decided to jump back into the world of Linux development to improve the stock user interface.22 Dec 2020

What emulators are on RG351P?

– PSP x.
– PS1.
– NDS x.
– N64 x.
– DC x.
– CPS1.
– CPS2.
– FBA.

What OS is the RG351P?

The RG351P is a bit of a mixed bag: I would say that its stock modified version of EmuELEC, 351ELEC, and Batocera are all firmwares, while ArkOS is technically an operating system since it is based on Ubuntu.22 Dec 2020