Armed and Dangerous®

Meet the Lionhearts. A smack-talking rag-tag band of rebels on an impossible quest. If they can make it through an army of psychotic robots and wall-smashing Goliaths, they just might save the world… if they don’t burn it down first.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Armed and Dangerous® released?

Armed and Dangerous® was released on 2 Dec, 2003

Who was the developer that made Armed and Dangerous®?

Planet Moon Studios were the developers that made Armed and Dangerous®

Where can I watch the movie armed and dangerous?


Was armed and dangerous a single?

“Armed and Dangerous” is a song by American rapper Juice Wrld, released as a single on October 15, 2018.

Who sings the song armed and dangerous?

Juice WRLD

When did juice WRLD armed and dangerous come out?


Who sings armed and dangerous?

Juice WRLD

What is armed and dangerous meaning?

Definition of armed and dangerous : carrying a weapon and likely to try to kill someone The police say that the escaped convict is armed and dangerous.

What is the full meaning of Dangerous?

full of danger or risk

When did juice WRLD release armed and dangerous?


What does Armed mean in war?

armedadjective. (used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms.

What is an armed war?

An armed conflict arises whenever there is fighting between States or protracted armed violence between government authorities and organized armed groups or just between organized armed groups. An international armed conflict arises when one State uses armed force against another State or States.

Where was armed and dangerous filmed?

Los Angeles