Comix Zone™

Sketch Turner is in it up to his inkwell. Mortus is drawing horrendous creatures to battle Sketch in every panel of the strip. If Mortus destroys Sketch, that megalomaniac mutant will become real and Earth will be doomed to his rule! But there is hope. Now that he’s a comic book superhero, Sketch can kick some serious butt.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Comix Zone™ released?

Comix Zone™ was released on 1 Jun, 2010

Who was the developer that made Comix Zone™?

SEGA were the developers that made Comix Zone™

How many episodes of Comix Zone are there?

Comix Zone has three Episodes. Each Episode is two comic-book pages long, packed with many panels of action.

How long is Comix Zone?

Lasting only six levels, it will only take you around a half-an-hour to beat Comix Zone but that being said, you still have to reach a point where you master the game before you make it to that point and that can take some time depending on your skill and dedication.25 Mar 2015

How do you play Comix Zone?

Gameplay. Comix Zone is an action platformer in which players control Sketch as he progresses through panels of his comic book, hoping to reach the end and escape before his own creations finish him off. Each level consists of two pages and secrets are discovered by shredding the paper and revealing items.

How do you use items in Comix Zone?

Sketch will come across various items as he makes his way through the pages of Comix Zone. He can carry up to three at a time, and can use them instantly when using a six-button controller. Items are picked up by standing over them and pressing down on the directional pad.

How many levels are in comic zone?


When did Comix Zone come out?


How many levels are in Comix Zone?

Comix Zone is hard as balls, but it wouldn’t feel so unfairly hard were it not for this perplexing design decision. Yes, you only get three lives in the entire game (and that’s only assuming you get to the third world) before having to start from the beginning, but the game is only six levels long in the first place.

Who owns comix?

That’s what happened at Comix Foxwoods, when co-owner Michael Brauth said he and his partner Marc Wiesenthal spent five years listening to their audiences. So when the club moved to Mohegan Sun, they knew exactly what they wanted to keep the same — and what they wanted to improve upon.15 Apr 2016

How do you grab in Comix Zone?

Look for these life-saving items in every panel of the Comix Zone. Roadkill with you as you will need him the most. To pick up an item, stand over it an press the D-PAD down.14 Oct 2002