Dead Cells: Fatal Falls

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When was Dead Cells: Fatal Falls released?

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls was released on 26 Jan, 2021

Who was the developer that made Dead Cells: Fatal Falls?

Motion Twin, Evil Empire were the developers that made Dead Cells: Fatal Falls

How do you find the new area in Dead Cells?

The Fractured Shrines can be accessed via an elevator after defeating the boss at Black Bridge or the Nest. Take the elevator to begin this side-path. The Fractured Shrines lead to the Undying Shores. To unlock the door to the Undying Shores in the Fractured Shrine, you just need a body or a Cultist Outfit.27 Jan 2021

How many zones are in Dead Cells?

In terms of how many levels there are, there is a total of 17 different areas, but you won’t see them all in each run. Different areas lead to different areas, with you not being able to reach certain areas once you’ve gone to other particular ones.8 Aug 2018

How do I get into Undying Shores Dead Cells?

Somewhere in Fractured Shrines is a dead cultist corpse. Pop off your head and take over the cultist. This will trigger a short cutscene and then you will be wearing the outfit needed to pass through the door to Undying Shores. Once this door has been opened, it will remain accessible in subsequent playthroughs.28 Jan 2021

How do you get to the new dead cell area?

To unlock the door to the Undying Shores in the Fractured Shrine, you just need a body or a Cultist Outfit. To use a body, find a cultist dead body in the Fractured Shrine and then throw your head at the body to possess it. While possessed, go to the door with two statues to unlock the path.27 Jan 2021

How do I access fatal falls DLC?

Once Fatal Falls is installed (you can verify this from the DLC listing on the main menu), you can start a Dead Cells run like normal from the Prisoners’ Quarters. The first of the three DLC levels is called Fractured Shrines, and it’s accessible right after Black Bridge (Concierge) or The Nest (Mama Tick).

How do you access the DLC areas in dead cells?

– Step 1: Unlock Flask Room. The first thing you need to do to start The Queen and The Sea is unlock the Flask Room. …
– Step 2: Talk with the Fisherman. …
– Step 3: Acquire the Crowned Key. …
– Unlock the Door to the Infested Shipwreck.

Where is fatal falls Dead Cells?

The third and final new biome in Dead Cells Fatal Falls is the Mausoleum. Getting to it is pretty straight forward as its just located at the end of the Undying Shores, and requires no special requirements to access.7 Feb 2021