Deathground is a solo and co-op survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Deathground released?

Deathground was released on TBC

Who was the developer that made Deathground?

Jaw Drop Games were the developers that made Deathground

Will there ever be a new Dino Crisis game?

Capcom’s ‘Exoprimal’ Is Not a New ‘Dino Crisis’ Game, and Fans Are Outraged. During the Sony PlayStation March 2022 State of Play, Capcom revealed a new video game IP, Exoprimal. However, while Exoprimal promised futuristic warfare between exosuits and dinosaurs, Dino Crisis fans did not take the news as well.10 Mar 2022

How many Dino Crisis games are there?

five games

Is Primal Carnage: Extinction on steam?

Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam. Hunt humans, slay dinosaurs. Become an apex predator fighting to survive, or an elite mercenary armed to the teeth. Think fast, or you’re extinct!25 Jan 2022

Is there a Dino Crisis remake?

Will there be a Dino Crisis remake release date? There’s no official Dino Crisis remake release date right now. A remake of the original or continuation of the series would be an excellent move for Capcom as previous remakes of its properties have done really well.23 Jan 2022

Will Deathground be on PS4?

Deathground was one of the games shown during the Future Games Show. It’s a survival horror game where a squad or solo players attempt to escape dinosaurs. It will launch on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.28 Aug 2020

Is Dino Crisis available on PS4?

There’s a Dino Crisis in Capcom’s Exoprimal on PS5, PS4.9 Mar 2022

Where can you play Primal Carnage?

Primal Carnage: Extinction is an asymmetrical multiplayer game released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It features human versus dinosaur combat. Players choose which team to play on, and each team has a set of characters divided into classes.

Is Dino Crisis on PS5?

There’s a Dino Crisis in Capcom’s Exoprimal on PS5, PS4.9 Mar 2022

Will Deathground come to console?

Deathground will release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.28 Aug 2020

Is Primal Carnage on steam?

Primal Carnage on Steam. A savage online shooter, where players do battle as man or beast in class-based deathmatches and a frantic escape mode. Unleash your inner dinosaur!