G’Day! Get ready to start a new fair Dinkum life and build your new home out in the bush. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts and cool billabongs on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. Take care of giant wombats, play with friends and get ready for a ripper time!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Dinkum released?

Dinkum was released on Coming Soon

Who was the developer that made Dinkum?

James Bendon were the developers that made Dinkum

What is the origin of fair dinkum?

It comes from one of the Chinese dialects widely spoken at the diggings: “din” and “kum” loosely translating as “true gold”. Fair Dinkum was a response of the early Chinese goldminers to the question: “Are you finding a fair amount of gold?” because “din-gum” means “good gold”.22 Jan 2005

What does dinkum mean in Australian slang?

truly, honestly

What is a dinky di?

Dinky-di definition (Australian slang, by extension) Authentically Australian. adjective. (Australian slang) Honest, on the level.

Why are dinkum dolls popular?

Full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them, and style their hair. Each Dinkum is unique, and looking for their child to name them and decide who they are. Soft-bodied, posable (they can stand too!), and full of character, Dinkums are a source of comfort and delight for all children.

What do Aussies call their friends?

“Mate” is a popular word for friend. And while it’s used in other English-speaking countries around the world, it has a special connection to Australia. In the past, mate has been used to address men, but it can be gender-neutral. In Australia, you’ll also hear mate used in an ironic sense.

Are dinkum dolls Waldorf?

Meet the Dinkium Dolls at over at Weasel and the Bug. Full of love wonder and bags of cuteness! These sustainable Waldorf dolls will make you and your little fall head over heels in love as they snuggle, dress, play with their hair and discover How beautiful empathy can be.

What is the purpose of a Waldorf doll?

Doll playing allows children to practice their future roles as adults, helping them develop love and care for other people. A Waldorf Doll becomes a friend, a true companion with whom a child shares her (or his) feelings, hopes, dreams, and adventures.

How do you use dinkum in a sentence?

1. They beat us fair dinkum. 2. If you’re dinkum, I’ll help you.24 Jul 2020

Why do we say carry on like a pork chop?

pork chop: to carry on like a pork chop To behave foolishly, to make a fuss, to complain, or to rant. This expression is often thought to allude to the spluttering noise of a pork chop that is being fried.

What do people in Australia call their friends?