Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Become a real paleontologist, explore various environments and search for dinosaur fossils. Dig for and study the remnants of these majestic creatures to learn about their evolution. Build your own museum and experience an immersive background story.

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When was Dinosaur Fossil Hunter released?

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter was released on 4 May, 2022

Who was the developer that made Dinosaur Fossil Hunter?

▲ Pyramid Games were the developers that made Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Who is the most famous fossil finder?

Mary Anning
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What is a dinosaur hunter called?

If the dinosaur or paleontology term you are looking for is not in the dictionary, please e-mail us. The Top Paleontologists and Dinosaur Hunters of All Time. A paleontologist is a scientist who studies paleontology, learning about the forms of life that existed in former geologic periods, chiefly by studying fossils.

Who is considered the most successful dinosaur fossil hunter ever?

Mary Anning
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Who was the best fossil hunter?

Mary Anning

Who was the greatest fossil hunter?

– What you might not have known then is that Mary Anning was arguably the greatest fossil hunter of them all, “the princess of paleontology,” a contemporary called her. …
– Anning was born in Lyme Regis, which sits on one of the great fossil deposits from the Jurassic era.

Who is the most famous fossil hunter?

Mary Anning

Who is the most famous dinosaur hunter?

Barnum Brown

What is the role of a palaeontologist?

Palaeontologists study the history of life on Earth through fossils.

Whats a fossil hunter called?


What is the difference between an archeologist and a palaeontologist?

A paleontologist is an expert of paleontology while an archaeologist is an expert of archaeology. Paleontology deals with life in the past geologic setting. With this it pays particular attention to animal and plant fossils that were once thriving on the planet.

What is a palaeontologist?

paleontologist. Noun. person who studies fossils and life from early geologic periods. paleontology. Noun.29 Apr 2011