DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon

DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon is a colorful and lovingly hand-drawn Action RPG inspired by the 16-bit era. Finally, YOU get to play as the dragon! Breathe fire, fight knights, hoard gold, and find treasure! A refreshingly lighthearted game with an endearing story.

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When was DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon released?

DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon was released on 24 Apr, 2015

Who was the developer that made DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon?

Games With Dragons In were the developers that made DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon

Is there a game where you play as a dragon?

One of the most unique games in Larian Studios’ library, Divinity: Dragon Commander sees the player negotiate alliances, strategize for war from the deck of their airship, and transform into a dragon to support their troops in battle.6 Jan 2022

How can I play Dragon City without downloading it?

If you prefer to play Dragon City without downloading anything, you can simply log into your Facebook account to play the game online in your browser. You can invite other players from here to play alongside you as well.29 Jul 2020

What games can you tame dragons?

– Genshin Impact.
– Neverwinter.
– Archeage.
– Skyrim.
– Rift.
– Elder Scrolls Online.
– Dark Souls Series.
– Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What games can you ride a dragon?

Game Title Year Platform
————————— —- —————————————————————-
Middle-earth: Shadow of War 2017 PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox Cloud Gaming Xbox One
Dragonflight 2017 Macintosh, Windows
Dragon Rider 2015 Macintosh, Windows
How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii Wii U, Xbox 360

Can you tame a wild dragon?

A wild fire dragon cannot be tamed, and a tame dragon can only be achieved through hatching an egg.

Is Dragon City for free?

Dragon City is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money.5 May 2022

Can I play Dragon City online?

Dragon City is playable online as an HTML5 game, therefore no download is necessary.

How do you tame dragons?

Dragon Riding is a new feature in Skyrim: Dragonborn that allows the player to tame and ride Dragons. The process involves using a Dragon Shout to cause a Dragon to temporarily become your ally, and speaking to it once it lands lets you ride it into the sky and almost anywhere else.

What games can you ride dragons?

– Elden Ring.
– Lost Ark. Final Fantasy 14. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Ghostwire: Tokyo. Kirby And The Forgotten Land. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. New World. Halo Infinite.
– About.

What game can you turn into a dragon?

The defining feature of Divinity II is the ability to switch between aerial combat as a dragon and more traditional third-person action-role playing gameplay as a human. It is the third game in the Divinity franchise and the first Divinity game to be released on consoles as well as for Microsoft Windows.