An adventure game following the story of a young boy at sea. A story told purely through animation with no sound or script.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Drop released?

Drop was released on 10 May, 2019

Who was the developer that made Drop?

uora were the developers that made Drop

Does Drop have a software?

The Drop ALT doesn’t have dedicated software. However, there’s a QMK firmware available on their website, but we don’t count it as dedicated software. Unfortunately, it isn’t very user-friendly.

Are drop keycaps good?

These keycaps are great quality. The texture in smooth but consistent. They invite you to type on them. The profile of these keycaps are also well done.

Is drop an American?

Drop (formerly Massdrop) is an American e-commerce company based in San Francisco, California. Drop uses data and insights from community to develop and find products that feed their interests in audio products and mechanical keyboards.

What is a drop keyboard?

The Drop Shift mechanical keyboard is an inventive full-size keyboard that feels great to type on, but its price and configuration options make it a niche pick. MSRP $250.00. $290.00 at Amazon.19 May 2021

Is Drop CTRL high profile worth it?

The Drop CTRL is an easy on-ramp to the custom keyboard hobby that delivers a mostly solid typing experience that becomes even better with mods. It’s starting to show its age but remains one of the best entry-level custom keyboards you can buy outside of the group buy model.12 Oct 2021

Is the Drop CTRL worth it?

The Drop ALT and Drop CTRL are worth the price. They are packed full of features and enable a beginner to mechanical keyboards to really dive within the hobby of custom mechanical keyboards for about $200.

Are drop switches good?

The Drop ALT is great for programming. It offers excellent typing quality with the Cherry MX Brown switches on our unit, and you can get it with a variety of switches. It has full RGB lighting and every key is macro-programmable, but without dedicated software, it’s a bit difficult to set macros.

Are drop keyboards good?

The Drop ALT is an excellent gaming keyboard. It’s available in a wide variety of switches, so you can get the ones you prefer. It has full RGB backlighting with individually-lit keys, and every key is macro-programmable. It has low latency, though some gamers may prefer it lower.