Dungeon and Puzzles

Dungeon and Puzzles is a dungeon adventure themed Sokoban game. The movement and direction are restricted, and the adventurer’s ability can be changed by equipment at hand. Think through every step, destroy every monster and find a way to the end of the dungeon where the treasure awaits.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Dungeon and Puzzles released?

Dungeon and Puzzles was released on 14 Jan, 2021

Who was the developer that made Dungeon and Puzzles?

Nekolyst were the developers that made Dungeon and Puzzles

What is a dungeon game?

A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinth environment (a “dungeon”), battling various monsters, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and looting any treasure they may find.

What kind of game is dungeon?

fantasy tabletop role-playing game

How do you play puzzle dungeon?

In Puzzle Dungeon, the player uses the limited cards in their hand and cards they deal into play from a deck to defeat enemies which are dealt randomly each game to form a unique board.