Endless Match

A game of genre 3 in a row. Pass the speed test, compete with your friends and break your own high score! Nice graphics and good voice acting are waiting for you!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Endless Match released?

Endless Match was released on 5 Dec, 2021

Who was the developer that made Endless Match?

Pixel GL were the developers that made Endless Match

What is a forever match?

Each Forever Strike™ Survival match is capable of more than 20,000 long burning strikes. Will start a fire in the rain, sleet or snow. If you can strike a match you can start a fire (and this one wonu2019t burn your fingertips).

How does a striker lighter work?

This wick is submerged into the fluid inside the fuel tank. From there, the striker is pushed down with the thumb, the wheel turns rapidly over the flint, and the result is the creation of a hot flame.14 Feb 2022

How do everlasting matches work?

Basically, it’s a metal, match-shaped tube with a wick at the end. The match screws into a flask-shaped container full of fluid. On the outside of the “flask” is a rough surface which sparks the flint embedded in the wick. When you’re done, you blow out the flame like you would a regular match.5 Oct 2015

How does everlasting match work?

It consists of a threaded metal rod, “the match”, with a concealed wick, which comes encased in a fuel-filled metal shell. The match absorbs the fuel, and when you’re ready to use the permanent match, you simply strike the metal match against the outer shell to get a flame.

How do you match a everlasting flint?

The everlasting match is made of two parts. A tank with a flint strip on the side and a steel striker with wick which screws into the tank. Laser engraved on one side with your chosen text (Max 20 letters and spaces). If you wish, you can add text to the back (Max 20 letters and spaces) for an additional 75p.

How does a permanent match lighter work?

The CONTAINER is filled with lighter fluid. The MATCH is made up of the FLINT STRIKER and WICK. On the side of the CONTAINER is a STEEL ROD. The MATCH ignites as the FLINT STRIKER strikes down the STEEL ROD.