Fighting Fantasy Classics

Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon quests in which YOU are the hero! Choose what happens at every turn of the page with Fighting Fantasy Classics – text-based roleplaying adventures remastered.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Fighting Fantasy Classics released?

Fighting Fantasy Classics was released on 6 Jun, 2018

Who was the developer that made Fighting Fantasy Classics?

Tin Man Games were the developers that made Fighting Fantasy Classics

What age are fighting fantasy books for?

ages 5

Who owns Fighting Fantasy?


What do you need to play Fighting Fantasy books?

For each book you will need two (2) six-sided dice (D6), a pencil and an Adventure Sheet which you will use to setup your character and record the progress of your adventure.

How many books are in the Fighting Fantasy?

seven novels

How many books in the Fighting Fantasy?

seven novels

What age are fighting fantasy books suitable for?

ages 5

How do Fighting Fantasy books work?

Each Fighting Fantasy gamebook requires the reader to create their character, randomly assigning scores to three statistics (skill, stamina, and luck). These, in conjunction with rolling six-sided dice, are used to resolve skill challenges and the combat sections.

How many books are in the Fighting Fantasy series?

The series had an amazing run into the 90s – there were 59 books, with Jackson and Livingstone roping in co-authors to keep up with demand, and 20m copies sold around the world. By 1995, though, it had run out of steam, and publisher Puffin closed down the series.4 Apr 2018