Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Coordinate a squad of firefighters as they navigate the hazards of a structural fire in search of the survivors trapped inside. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a turn-based strategy port of the acclaimed board game. A unique tactical firefighting experience to enjoy with your family and friends.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Flash Point: Fire Rescue released?

Flash Point: Fire Rescue was released on 29 Mar, 2018

Who was the developer that made Flash Point: Fire Rescue?

RetroEpic Software were the developers that made Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Is Flashpoint safe to use?

Yes it’s safe! I hope I helped, if I’m not here to solve this problem.5 Dec 2020

How do I get Flashpoint on my Chromebook?

You have two options, but only one is really suitable for Chromebooks. Head to its download page and choose Flashpoint Infinity 9.0. This is a web-powered version of the software with minimal download requirements and the ability to play specific downloaded games offline.7 Jan 2021

What is Flash Point game?

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a co-op firefighting board game in which you are a team of firefighters attempting to keep a house fire under control long enough to save the people (and pets) inside.30 Jun 2016

How many players Flash Point?

six players

How do you add games to Flashpoint?

A: Click the Config tab of Flashpoint Launcher, then check the “Enable Editing” box. Then click “Save and Restart.” When Flashpoint Launcher re-opens, you’ll notice the following changes: Dragging a game onto a playlist in the left sidebar will add the game to the playlist.9 May 2022

How do I fix Flashpoint not opening?

A: When you open Flashpoint Launcher, a bug may occur that prevents it from showing the window. If this happens, open Windows Task Manager, click the Details tab, and look for any process named Flashpoint.exe . Then click “End Process”, and double-click Flashpoint.exe again to see if it starts normally.9 May 2022