Fun Hospital

Build your own theme hospital! Here, you might meet patients with a lot of hair, or no hair; strange aliens, evil guy, super hero…

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Fun Hospital released?

Fun Hospital was released on 22 Jun, 2018

Who was the developer that made Fun Hospital?

OrangesGame Technology Limited were the developers that made Fun Hospital

Who made Two Point Hospital?

Two Point Studios

Is two point hospital like Theme Hospital?

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, a 1997 simulation game developed by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts. The game was developed using the Unity engine.

How do you win at Theme Hospital?

Buy as few land plots as you can to generate money early. Buy all rooms but squeeze them in, and as your hospital expands, destroy the rooms and reorganize as needed. I beat the last level with four GP’s offices and only one receptionist desk (highly trained staff though).12 Aug 2020

How do you play Dream hospital?

– Listen To Your Advisers. What is this? …
– Positioning Matters. …
– Prioritize The Right Utilities. …
– Keep Medical Supplies In Stock. …
– Keep Raising Your Level. …
– Complete The Quests Regularly. …
– Check Your Reputation Regularly. …
– Manage Your Staffing.

Can you get Theme Hospital Android?

Theme Hospital was a hit when it came out on the PC in 1997. Fans of the game are free to begin celebrating now that the game has been ported to Android as a free app by a one man UK developer called Armed Pineapple.21 May 2012

How do you level up fast in fun hospital?

So what you need to do is makes your staff as high level as posible while keeping your hospital as low level as posible. one of the ways to do that is by keeping your archives room ( that purple building with EXP on it ) upgraded to maximum level at all times and give the collected xp to your staff members often.

Can you still play Theme Hospital?

Electronic Arts have just added retro game Theme Hospital to its ‘On The House’ database meaning anyone can now download the game for free. All the same features from the original 1997 game are still there, with people with Elvis Presley syndrome, the squits and spare ribs (extra rib growth) needing medical attention.21 Jan 2015

How do you get Theme Hospital for free?

Simply head to Theme Hospital’s download page and nab it for free. Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep forever.21 Jan 2015

How do you get diamonds in fun hospital?

Q: How do I get diamonds? A: if you play on a PC you can receive diamonds by visiting other people’s hospitals and clicking on the like button at the middle right top, next to their name you can give 5 likes per day for 1 diamond each.