Guts and Glory

A game about father and son riding their bicycle through obstacle courses of death, and other fun family experiences. Created by HakJak

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Guts and Glory released?

Guts and Glory was released on 19 Jul, 2018

Who was the developer that made Guts and Glory?

HakJak were the developers that made Guts and Glory

What channel is guts and glory on?


Who are the contestants on guts and glory?

– Casey Allen. Barrel Racer. Age: 24. …
– Amanda Clark. Barrel Racer. Age: 41. …
– William Whayne. Tie Down Roper. Age: 29. …
– King Pickett. Tie Down Roper. Age: 22. …
– Tyrel Larsen. Bronc Rider. Age: 32. …
– Brody Wells. Bronc Rider. Age: 20.

How many GB is Guts and Glory?

6 GB

Is Guts and Glory a good game?

It’s a nice touch, but nothing of extreme importance. Guts and Glory is a good old bit of fun. It’s the perfect game to play with some friends for a few hours, just so you can see who can be obliterated in the most hilarious way and who will come out on top with bragging rights and the fastest times.31 Jul 2018

Is Guts and Glory worth it on switch?

Guts and Glory is an absolute must have for anybody looking for a something just a little bit different. Whilst it won’t appeal to everybody those who appreciate its quirks will have a lot of fun, albeit in the most gruesome of ways.30 Jul 2018

What can I play Guts and Glory on?

– tinyBuild.
– Release Date: Jul 19, 2018.
– Also On: iPhone/iPad, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch.

What is the size of guts and glory?

6 GB