Hidden Through Time

Embark on a colourful hand drawn journey of discovery through the ages! From missing dinosaur eggs in the stone age, to a king’s crown in medieval times, can you find them all? Discover, create and share worlds with your own hidden treasures in Hidden Through Time!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Hidden Through Time released?

Hidden Through Time was released on 12 Mar, 2020

Who was the developer that made Hidden Through Time?

Rogueside were the developers that made Hidden Through Time

How many levels are hidden through time?

26 levels

When the past was around release date?

22 September 2020

Is hidden through time a good game?

Hidden Through Time really is a lovely, family-friendly game with lots of playability, not least due to that all-important creation suite. It’d be remiss of Crazy Monkey Studios not to include that functionality; after all, I imagine they created their own levels with it.15 Mar 2020

How do you play hidden through time?

Hidden Through Time is a cute game of hide and seek with objects scattered throughout the wonderful history of our world. Use cryptic hints to discover every secret as you explore the colourful hand drawn levels. Find enough objects to advance to the next stage, and make your way through all four great ages.

What is the best free hidden object game for PC?

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When the past was around rusty Lake?

The Past Within is the sixteenth game by Rusty Lake and the fifth premium game. It is set to be released in the second quarter of 2022. This is the first Rusty Lake game to be multiplayer, and partially set in a 3D environment made with Unity.

How long to beat Hidden Through Time?

about three to four hours

What is the best free hidden object game?

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