Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

The cult hit Kingdom Under Fire saga continues on PC in glorious HD. Control seven new heroes across fifty brutal missions of hybrid hack n’ slash action and strategy. Crush your foes, hoard their treasure, and upgrade your forces for the next battle.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes released?

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes was released on 24 Jun, 2020

Who was the developer that made Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes?

Blueside were the developers that made Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Is kingdom under fire the crusaders steam?

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Is Kingdom Under Fire Heroes a sequel?

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is an action strategy game, and is the sequel to Kingdom Under Fire:The Crusaders, released in 2004 for the Xbox.

What type of game is Kingdom Under Fire?

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Is Kingdom Under Fire backwards compatible?

Sadly not, this game is not currently backwards compatible on the Xbox One or Series S/X. It can still only be played on a 360.

Is Kingdom Under Fire 2 free?

Kingdom Under Fire 2, which is actually the fifth game in the series, was announced in 2008. In late 2011, a closed beta began in Southeast Asia, which is where the game stayed until 2017. During this period, the game was free and featured a lot of identical content to what we have in the current Western release.13 Mar 2020

Does Kingdom Under Fire 2 have single player?

KUF2 is an MMORTS, so it is online only. There is no single player mode, however, you can solo pretty much most of the content up to a certain level without any difficulties.KUF2 is an MMORTSMMORTSMassively multiplayer online real-time strategy games, also known as “MMORTS”, combine real-time strategy (RTS) with a persistent world. Players often assume the role of a general, king, or other types of figurehead leading an army into battle while maintaining the resources needed for such warfare. › Massively_multiplayer_online_gameMassively multiplayer online game – Wikipedia, so it is online only. There is no single player mode, however, you can solo pretty much most of the content up to a certain level without any difficulties.18 Nov 2019

Is Kingdoms of Amalur backwards compatible on Xbox One?

Kingdoms of Amalur, Aliens vs Predator now backward compatible on Xbox One. And so is Sonic Unleashed. Microsoft has unveiled the latest batch of Xbox 360 titles to gain backward compatibility support on Xbox One.30 Nov 2018

Will there be another Kingdom Under Fire game?

“Dear Bersians, regrettably, we must announce today that the time has come to cease the fighting on the battlefields of Bersia: Gameforge will discontinue the operation of KINGDOM UNDER FIRE 2 on 26/10/2021. We look back on epic mass battles, hordes of enemies and, in particular, a unique community.17 Sept 2021