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Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Kinoko released?

Kinoko was released on 24 Jul, 2020

Who was the developer that made Kinoko?

ThunderLime were the developers that made Kinoko

Is kinoko Komori a girl?

Kinoko is a short girl with light brown colored hair styled in a bob cut that reaches slightly below her shoulders. Her blunt bangs completely cover her eyes, hiding most of her face. She has a very wide mouth compared to her narrow face.

Who is Kinoko Komori shipped with?

Shihai Kuroiro

Who is the smart girl in MHA?

Saiko Intelli ( 印 いん 照 てり 才 さい 子 こ , Interi Saiko?) is a second year student from Seiai Academy.

Does Kuroiro have a crush on kinoko?

Shihai appears to have a small crush on Kinoko Komori, which was notable when he and Kinoko were teaming up during the Joint Training Battle. When interacting with Kinoko, Shihai becomes nervous to the point of stammering and avoiding eye contact with her, celebrating internally when she praised him for his tactics.

Who is the mushroom girl in MHA?

Kinoko Komori

What is Melissa quirk?

Melissa Quirk – Principal, Broadband and Digital Equity Practice – HR&A Advisors | LinkedIn.

What is kinoko quirk?

Mushroom (キノコ, Kinoko?): Kinoko’s Quirk allows her to spread various types of fungus spores from her body. The spores will quickly grow into full-grown mushrooms once they make contact with a solid surface.

Who has a crush on kinoko?

Shihai Kuroiro

Who is the smart person in MHA?

Principal Nezu

Who does kinoko have a crush on?

Shihai Kuroiro

What did mushroom girl do to Tokoyami?

That is how Kinoko got her mushroom spores inside the boy, and Dark Shadow could do nothing to stop what was coming. Kinoko’s spores left mushrooms all over the field, and for Tokoyami, the attack put fungus in his lungs. He was able to fight just fine for most of the match, but things hit a boiling point before long.4 May 2021