Maks is looking for a waitress he hasn’t seen for over a month. Intuition brings him to an abandoned mansion enshrouded in mystery and secrets. Will Maks find and save the girl?

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When was Locked released?

Locked was released on 22 Jul, 2020

Who was the developer that made Locked?

Redmoon Games where the developers that made Locked

How many episodes are in each season of Locked Up?


What happens in season 2 of Locked Up?

Season 2 (2016) Zulema, Saray and Macarena escape from prison. With Sandoval’s (Ramiro Blas) bribery, Miranda (Cristina Plazas) imposes stricter prison rules and regulations in response to their escape.

How many episodes are in the first season of locked?

Locked Up
No. of episodes
Original network
Original release

How many episodes are in the first season of Locked Up?

Locked Up
Season 1
Country of origin
No. of episodes

What does locked in mean?

Fix firmly in position, commit to something. This phrase often occurs as be locked in or into, as in She felt she was locked in a binding agreement, or Many of the stockholders are locked into their present positions. [

What does the slang locked in mean?

informal exhibiting total concentration on the task in hand.

How many episodes are there in Locked Up season 3?


Who is Helena in Locked Up?

Verónika Moral

Is Locked Up based on a true story?

Cheryl Ladd was brought in to portray the film’s central character of Annie Gallagher, while Angela Bassett portrayed a tough inmate who gradually befriends the wrongly convicted woman. Bethany Rooney adapted the script, which was written by Selma Thompson and Robert L. Freedman. The script is based on a true story.

Who plays Hanbal in Locked Up?

Adryen Mehdi

What is the synonym of locked?

closed, made. [chiefly dialect], shut, steeked.