Love Puzzle

This is casual, intellectual, minimalist puzzle game. Control your square and find the way to pass the level. Gameplay is fun and relaxing.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Love Puzzle released?

Love Puzzle was released on 11 Dec, 2020

Who was the developer that made Love Puzzle?

Romantic Room were the developers that made Love Puzzle

What do you call a person who loves solving puzzles?

Shortz’s use of enigmatologist is as a generic term for someone involved in the science of puzzles of any kind, be they mathematical, word or logic-oriented.8 Aug 2003

What does liking jigsaw puzzles say about you?

“People who find satisfaction in doing jigsaw puzzles tend to be those who prefer a planned and actionable life,” he continued. “These same people need the payoff in completing a task, which gives them a sense of accomplishment.”27 May 2020

What is a love puzzle?

LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories is a puzzle game that centres around a single block of flats or apartments and its residents. The building is split into past and present.3 Nov 2021

What personality type likes puzzles?

INTPs: this personality type sees people as puzzles, but they can also enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle.7 Mar 2022

Why do I love puzzles so much?

But psychology is aware of even more reasons why doing puzzles has such fascination for so many people: “We humans feel stressed if we have a task that we don’t succeed at and are bored if we are competent at something but have no task,” explains Dr Lermer. “By doing puzzles, we achieve the perfect balance.

What do you call someone who loves puzzles?

noun [countable] someone who studies and writes mathematical, word or logic puzzles.8 Aug 2003

What is a Dissectologist?

New Word Suggestion. A jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. Presumably from the original 18C name for the forerunner of jigsaws, ‘dissected maps. ‘

What does it mean if you like to do puzzles?

“By doing puzzles, we achieve the perfect balance. It is where competence meets challenge. It means we have a task that we are capable of doing, but are not sure how long we need to complete it and whether we will be successful at it, on the first try.