A long-forgotten species, a hostile planet and a journey of discovery! Welcome to the world of Lumini – split and reform your swarm, evolve and discover new abilities to bring the Lumini back to their former glory…

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Lumini released?

Lumini was released on 3 Sep, 2015

Who was the developer that made Lumini?

Speelbaars were the developers that made Lumini

Is Contrast a good game?

Contrast is a game full of heart, beauty, and at least a few excellent puzzles. It’s at its best when it marries its poignant story to its platforming, and at its weakest when it’s about moving boxes, but it rarely goes very long without showing us something worth playing.13 Nov 2013

Is Kamiko a good game?

Conclusion. KAMIKO is a well put together and simple, yet rewarding experience on Nintendo Switch. The controls are easy, the levels are great, and the playable characters are interesting in their own unique ways. The graphic design is pleasant and the same can be said for the sound track.26 Sept 2018

Is UnderHero a good game?

UnderHero is a hidden gem of a game with a brilliant soundtrack, a great cast of characters, and an engaging combat system. However, the game is dragged down slightly due to issues in the game’s pacing. Its humour is consistently witty, and its story often emotional and inspired.27 Feb 2020

What is the lumini?

The lumini are a long-forgotten race who awaken to find their once gentle planet has become a hostile environment. The lumini evolve into four colors — purple, blue, red, and yellow — with special abilities to help them harvest the energy needed to heal the planet and survive the threats of the planet around them.25 Oct 2021

What type of game is UnderHero?


Is Lumini a good game?

It is clear that there was ambition behind Lumini’s development. A living, breathing world, combined with an effective soundtrack was certainly impressive, but the boring gameplay and abundance of performance issues ruin any sort of enjoyment of the game.24 Jan 2020

Is CrossCode a good game?

As a whole, CrossCode is a great game with a memorable story and great combat. It makes a great transition from the PC to the Switch aside from a few minor technicalities, and now players can enjoy this game on the go.27 Nov 2020

Is MilkChoco free on Steam?

MilkChoco ★ Gameplay ★ PC Steam [ Free to Play ] multiplayer shooter Game 2021 – YouTube.21 Dec 2021

Is MilkChoco offline?

MilkChoco Game – Free Offline Download | Android APK Market.

Is milk choco available on PC?

MilkChoco – Online FPS is an Action game developed by GameParadiso. BlueStacks app player is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this android game on your PC or Mac for a better gaming experience. Join one of the zaniest team first-person shooter games to hit the Google Play store.25 Nov 2020