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Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was MotoGP™17 released?

MotoGP™17 was released on 15 Jun, 2017

Who was the developer that made MotoGP™17?

Milestone S.r.l. were the developers that made MotoGP™17

Is MotoGP 15 offline?

Race on all the official tracks and put your skills to the test with new game modes such as Beat The Time, Real Events 2014 offline and Split Time online; build and personalise your team in the exciting Career mode, with even more engaging options than before.

Is MotoGP 17 a good game?

In contrast to MXGP3, with MotoGP 17 Milestone created a complete racer with superb mechanics and a fantastic riding model that is as close to reality as a videogame can get. Some new gameplay features like the manage system help the player to forget the graphics and the general lack of innovation.11 Jul 2017

Can you play MotoGP 20 offline?

The reason I think so is because the windows version of motogp 20 works offline just fine. It not only works offline but it also gives you a specific message indicating that certain features will not work offline but all the main parts of the game will.8 May 2021

Can we play MotoGP 19 offline?

You can use them both on and offline, and can even download those made by others. If you just like to race, like me, you probably won’t spend too much time checking the feature out, but those who like to be creative will surely appreciate it. It’s in the actual act of racing that MotoGP 19 really impresses.10 Jun 2019

Is MotoGP 15 worth it?

MotoGP 15 is a great racing game. The control is very good and it takes profit of a very attractive license, but it looks like an update more than like a new game, as it reuses a lot of content from last year.

How many GB is MotoGP 19?

16 GB