Neverending Nightmares

Experience true psychological horror as you explore nightmares inspired by the creator’s struggles with depression and OCD. The defenseless protagonist must avoid monstrous manifestations of what haunts his subconscious in his quest to wake up into reality.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Neverending Nightmares released?

Neverending Nightmares was released on 26 Sep, 2014

Who was the developer that made Neverending Nightmares?

Infinitap Games were the developers that made Neverending Nightmares

Does Neverending Nightmares have Jumpscares?

Parents need to know that Neverending Nightmares is a downloadable horror adventure title. The game has plenty of jump scares, deals with suicide, and has other moments that are visibly disturbing.8 Mar 2019

Are there Jumpscares in little nightmares?

It’s not that this game has obvious jump scares but it does have a rather dark theme that younger children will probably find disturbing.

How many endings are in Neverending Nightmares?

three different endings

What is the scariest part of Little Nightmares?

One of the creepiest moments in the game is when you see the Lady’s reflection in a mirror without a mask, revealing her horribly deformed face. The Janitor is making a second appearance on this list, but for a different reason.6 Jan 2021

What is the story behind Neverending Nightmares?

It is a horror game drawing inspiration from the lead designer Matt Gilgenbach’s personal struggles with obsessive–compulsive disorder and depression; in an interview, he stated that he was “trying to create that feeling [of bleakness and hopelessness] in Neverending Nightmares”.

Is little nightmare a nightmare?

On one hand, the gameplay is a nightmare, regularly testing your patience and will to push forward. On the other, the atmosphere and audio design prove terrifying in a way that horror friends will admire.

Is there Jumpscares in Little Nightmares 2?

It’s not that this game has obvious jump scares but it does have a rather dark theme that younger children will probably find disturbing. Deals with mature subject matter (self harm, abuse, cannibalism)…an older child would view this as “just a game” 14 and under IMO may have irrational thoughts after playing this.

Is Visage a scary game?

No, because it has no feeling, no atmosphere. Same for horror games. You need to feel threatened yet submerged, and any number of factors can cause this, and honestly there are too many winning combinations to say what can be scary and what can’t.27 Aug 2021

Does night in the woods have Jumpscares?

By most reasonable metrics, the 2017 indie adventure game Night In the Woods is not a horror game. There are no jump scares, no dread-inducing meta experiments, no resource scarcity (no item management to speak of, actually), and no tense gameplay sequences.5 Apr 2022

Is Very Little Nightmares part of Little Nightmares?

This game is a fantastic small adaptation of our of favorite game of 2017, “Little Nightmares”.5 Feb 2021