Ooblets is a farming, town life, and creature collection game. Manage your farm, grow and train your ooblets, explore strange lands, and have dance-offs!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Ooblets released?

Ooblets was released on TBD

Who was the developer that made Ooblets?

Glumberland were the developers that made Ooblets

Is Ooblets a Nintendo Switch?

If you’re looking to play Ooblets today, we have great news for you! However, if you’re looking to play it on the Nintendo Switch, well, you’re gonna be disappointed. The game is not available on the Switch at this time — but will it ever be? Here’s what you need to know.1 Sept 2020

Are Ooblets finished?


Are Ooblets out?

The Nullwhere Update is out now and free for everyone who owns Ooblets! The other thing that’s out now is our baby! Rebecca and I are so happy to announce our first child who got here a bit before Nullwhere did.

Will Ooblets ever come to switch?

When will ‘Ooblets’ be available on the Nintendo Switch? Let’s start with the good news. As of July 2020, Ooblets has officially been released in early access. That means that it is totally playable, although there will be some bugs and glitches as the game is still being worked on by the folks at Glumberland.1 Sept 2020

How much money is Ooblets?

How much does the game cost? The price is currently $24.99.

What is Ooblets available on?

If you want to play the early access version of the game, you can buy it for PC on Epic Games or on Xbox for $24.99 right now.1 Sept 2020

Can I buy Ooblets?

Ooblets | Download and Buy Today – Epic Games Store.

What devices can you play Ooblets on?

Ooblets is not available on either PS4 or Nintendo Switch. The game is only available on Epic Games and Xbox One in Early Access format, but an Ooblets release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch hasn’t been entirely ruled out.16 Jul 2020

Is Ooblets free on Xbox?

Ooblets launches in early access today, with a free trial available now. Ooblets is now available in game preview for Xbox One. There’s also a free trial, so if you’re not yet sure what you think of those tiny Ooblets, you can make use of that before committing to buying the game.15 Jul 2020

How many Ooblets can you have?

You can only have the same number of Ooblets in your team as those present in the enemy team. This will never be more than six Ooblets. You use Beats to power moves per turn. Make sure you plan ahead and choose the right cards in the right order.21 Jul 2020

Where can you get Ooblets?

the Epic Games Store