Pixel Artist

Pixel Artist is a relaxing PIXEL PAINTING game. Complete 48 unique and fun paintings in a variety of themes, art styles, and sizes in preset colors. Brush sizes, magic fill, selection color options, and more make this a soothing and calming way to spend your time. Zone out and join us in coloring!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Pixel Artist released?

Pixel Artist was released on 9 Mar, 2022

Who was the developer that made Pixel Artist?

Potion Junkies were the developers that made Pixel Artist

Is pixel artist a job?

The Devhouse Agency is hiring a Pixel Artist for active game projects currently in development. While these projects will likely only need a few months of full time focus there is a possibility for permanent role on the team following their completion.6 Apr 2022

Who is the famous pixel Painter?

In the 2000s, pixel artists such as Tyler West, Stephane Martiniere and Daniel Dociu have gained international artistic recognition, due in part to the popularity of computer and video games.

Are pixel artists in demand?

It grows in some ways and shrinks in others. As a whole, there’s less and less demand for pixel art because it doesn’t have a very big place in modern games. Even ignoring 3D games, modern 2D games are capable of having gorgeous hi-definition graphics. Pixel art is only used to fill a specific niche.

Who is the best pixel artist?

– Petra Cortright. Los Angeles-based Petra Cortright is the it-girl of post-internet art, making colorfully chaotic, sensual jpegs, sparkling GIFs, pixel art, critical YouTube videos, and alluring web pages. …
– Harm van den Dorpel. …
– Michael Manning. …
– Louisa Gagliardi. …
– Ella Goerner.