Pocket Pioneers

Adventure with animal friends: fish, mine, farm and discover secrets of the land

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Pocket Pioneers released?

Pocket Pioneers was released on October 2021

Who was the developer that made Pocket Pioneers?

QN Software were the developers that made Pocket Pioneers

Where is Edelweiss in pocket pioneers?

Northern Peaks

Where is dace in pocket pioneers?

Name Level Location
———— —– ————————
Dace 6 Berry Forest
Sunfish 8 Cave of Fish
Yellow Perch 8 Berry Forest
Shrimp 10 Berry Forest Pachi Pachi

Where can I find rainbow trout in pocket pioneers?

Bait(s) Aside from being caught for a quest or Fernandorders (orders), Rainbow Trout can be used for the recipe(s) listed below. Hint: One good spot for finding this fish is at the bridge in Berry Forest next to the waterfall.

Is Pocket pioneers available on Android?

Pocket Pioneers for Android – Download the APK from Uptodown.

What happened to pocket pioneers?

Notice: At the request of the publisher, Pocket Pioneers is no longer available for sale on Steam.

How do you get salt pocket pioneers?

Salt crystals are primarily needed for the processing of crops in the Fermentation Pot but is also used in at least one food that can be produced at the Kitchen. It can be obtained as a somewhat common, lucky drop from mining any of the minerals found in Cave of Fish.

Is Pocket pioneers on Apple?

Currently only Android BETA is available with a minimum OS of Android 6. iOS BETA will be available in the coming months.12 Oct 2020

How do you get clay in pocket pioneers?

A lucky drop which is used to upgrade a pioneer’s Shed. Can be found while mining in various areas of Acorn County. Note: A player’s luck can be boosted by consuming a Lucky Acorn, Clover, Lucky Fizz or possibly an event related dish.

Where is Fibre in pocket pioneers?

Berry Forest

What does the rocket do in Pocket pioneers?

Rocket. The Rocket provides pioneers overflowing with unwanted items a way to give them a blast of a send off. To the stratosphere or maybe the moon, who knows! Allows player to add one or more items up to a maximum value for longer amounts of time to complete.