Poker Quest

Draw cards from a standard 52-card deck and use those cards to battle enemies. Extremely deep, complex, and challenging. If you thought you understood the 52-card deck… think again!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Poker Quest released?

Poker Quest was released on 20 Jul, 2021

Who was the developer that made Poker Quest?

Playsaurus were the developers that made Poker Quest

How many characters are in Poker Quest?

And Poker cards. 17+ unique heroes, and many more to come. Daily Runs with public stats and other interesting details. Challenge runs with game-changing modifiers.

How many cards are in a set of Poker?


What is the easiest poker game to play?

No-Limit Hold’em is King It’s easy to see why, as Hold’em is arguably the easiest game to learn and the most entertaining to watch. In Hold’em, each player starts with just two cards and then makes use of a community board that every player can see.6 Sept 2019

What is full house in poker dice?

Hand Exact probability Example
————— —————– ———-
Full house 300 / 7776 K K K 9 9
Straight 240 / 7776 A K Q J 10
Three of a kind 1200 / 7776 9 9 9 K J
Two pair 1800 / 7776 Q Q 9 9 A

What is the best free poker game?

Rank Poker Site Free Bonus
—- ———— ————————————————-
1. WSOP Poker 250,000 Free Chips
2. ClubGG Poker 100,000 Free Chips in Club PokerNews (ID: 811160)
3. PokerStars –
4. 888poker $88 Free

How many cards are in Poker originally?

Original Poker, a game in which four players received five cards each from a 20-card pack and vied as to who held the best hand, evidently originated in the New Orleans some time between 1810 and 1825.

What is the most fun poker game?

– Omaha. Omaha is a lot like Texas Hold’em at first glance, but there are some important and fun differences. …
– Pineapple Poker. …
– Seven Card Stud. …
– Razz Poker. …
– Double Flop Texas Hold’em. …
– Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw.