qop is a minimalistic puzzle which goal is to get the cube to finish using 4 directions in space.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was qop released?

qop was released on 13 Jul, 2017

Who was the developer that made qop?

Quiet River were the developers that made qop

How much does an Arcana cost?

To instantly obtain the Drow Ranger arcana, it costs players approximately $140. This is the cost for buying the level 100 battle pass bundle and then purchasing levels to bring it up to level 333.18 Dec 2021

Can you buy Spectre arcana?

While several Arcanas have been purchasable in the past – for example Pudge’s, Ogre Magi’s and Earthshaker’s – the Spectre Arcana is only unlockable via the BattlePass. To unlock the Arcana you must first purchase the BattlePass and then reach level 330.23 Jun 2021

How much will it cost to get spec arcana?

Arcanas are the most prestigious cosmetics in Dota 2 but fans aren’t satisfied with Spectre’s new Phantom Advent skin.24 Jun 2021

How do you counter the queen of pain in the middle?

– Meepo is the hard counter for Queen of Pain – chaining Earthbinds prevents her from using Blink for a long time, and without any other escape options, Queen of Pain cannot survive several. Poofs and attacks.
– Meepo tends to build items with attributes, mitigating Queen of Pain’s magical burst.

Can you still get Windranger arcana?

Windranger both coming second in Arcana votes in 2015 and 2019 respectively, they both still received an Arcana item as an exclusive reward during The International 2020 Battle Pass.