Welcome to a world with goofy car physics and a lot of crazy modes. This is the ultimate racing game where your 80-year old granny or your 3-year old kid can join you for a ride – Easy to learn, but hard to master! Cop cars, shady cars, firetrucks, sports cars, you name it!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

Who was the developer that made RACING BROS: ONLINE?

4 Gladiators Studio were the developers that made RACING BROS: ONLINE

Can you play online in racing Bros?

Join the RACING BROS: ONLINE Playtest Request access and you’ll get notified when the developer is ready for more participants.

Does racing Bros have a platinum?

Welcome to the complete list of RACING BROS trophies! This game has a total of only 18 trophies, including a platinum trophy. Here you will find everything you need to earn this platinum trophy. You can unlock all of the trophies in about 68 hours.

What is the easiest Platinum trophy PlayStation?

Brotherhood United is one of the easiest Platinum trophies available on PSN. Unlocking all of the trophies will take players somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. While it’s not quite a walk in the park in terms of difficulty, it’s certainly not going to trouble too many players either.5 Mar 2022

Can you play with friends on racing Bros?

Gather your friends and get ready for a goofy and fun racing experience for almost all ages! Choose between different modes and use your skills to challenge your friends, parents and the neighbour next door.

What is the easiest game to platinum on PS5?

– 8 Astro’s Playroom (5-6 Hours) …
– 7 A Plague Tale: Innocence (14 Hours) …
– 6 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (12 Hours) …
– 5 Maneater (10 Hours) …
– 4 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (12-15 Hours) …
– 3 Life Is Strange: True Colors (13 Hours) …
– 2 Pinkman+ (2 Hours) …
– 1 The Medium (13 Hours)

What is the hardest game to get a platinum trophy?

– 1 The Last Of Us Remastered.
– 2 Furi. …
– 3 Grand Theft Auto V. …
– 4 Gran Turismo Sport. …
– 5 Alien: Isolation. …
– 6 The Evil Within. …
– 7 Super Meat Boy. …

What Playstation game has the most platinum trophies?

Pos Gamer Platinum Trophies Won
— ———– ———————
1 ViensDanser 4,938
2 Roughdawg4 4,742
3 tusman 4,421
4 Hakoom 4,353

Who has the most platinum trophies PS4?

Pos Gamer Platinum Trophies Won
— ———– ———————
1 ViensDanser 4,938
2 Roughdawg4 4,742
3 tusman 4,421
4 Hakoom 4,353