It’s been 30 years since a terrible arson attack erased an entire family. Until today the culprit has been on the loose. You are sent to investigate a similar incident in this narrative exploration game.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Scorch released?

Scorch was released on 15 Aug, 2018

Who was the developer that made Scorch?

Ellie’s Lunchbox were the developers that made Scorch

What is scorch mark?

noun. noun. a mark made on a surface by burning There were slight scorch marks on the floor.

What is scorch in a sentence?

The fire left scorch marks halfway up the wall. 2. The leaves are inclined to scorch in hot sunshine. 3.24 Jul 2020

How do you use scorch in a sentence?

– Janine is a horrible cook and tends to scorch anything she puts in a frying pan.
– Even though he didn’t mean to scorch the counter, the caterer had accidentally burned the service with the hot pan.
– My tendency to leave the iron laying on clothing has led me to scorch many a shirt.

What is the sentence of scorch marks?

The whole thing was a dull silver colour, spotted with dark scorch marks as if the ship had been shot in a fight. Looking up, she saw several holes dotted along its surface, burned scorch marks surrounding the edges. The lawn was covered with scorch marks, and the main lab building was missing large chunks of the wall.

What is burn or scorch?

scorch Add to list Share. To scorch is to burn something fiercely, to the point where its surface — your face, prairie grass, a steak on the grill — chars or otherwise changes color. Although scorch usually refers to burning something (whether it’s the sun or a blowtorch doing the burning), that’s not always the case.

Where did the word scorched come from?

Etymology. From Middle English scorchen, scorcnen (“to make dry; parch”), perhaps an alteration of earlier *scorpnen, from Old Norse skorpna (“to shrivel up”).

What does scorch marks mean?

noun. /ˈskɔːtʃ mɑːk/ /ˈskɔːrtʃ mɑːrk/ ​a mark made on a surface by burning.

What is an antonym for scorched?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for scorched. choked, damped, dead, doused.