Seed of Evil

Seed of Evil is an epic adventure to uncover the secrets of the Water City, Somonden. Follow Anna as she explores the upper and lower parts of the city to uncover the truth of the defilement plaguing its inhabitants. You won’t soon forget this amazing story filled with mystery, drama, and intrigue.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Seed of Evil released?

Seed of Evil was released on 2 Nov, 2018

Who was the developer that made Seed of Evil?

Hasoyua were the developers that made Seed of Evil

How long does it take to complete Mutant Year Zero?

25-30 hours

What is the Seed of Evil?

The Seed of Evil is the second science fiction collection by Barrington J. Bayley. The book collects thirteen short stories published between 1962 and 1979, several of which are original to this volume.

How many mutants are in Mutant Year Zero?

You can read our review of the game here. Question: How many characters are there in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden? Answer: There’s a total of six characters in the game. Selma, Farrow, Dux, Bormin, The Elder, and Magnus.7 Dec 2018

How do you get the Wraith in Mutant Year Zero?

The Wraith is a rifle type weapon in ‘Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil’. It can be found during an encounter with Bot Lover in The Sea Titans (although it may be random) that will appear as a message during the DLC. It appears as a silenced version of the Rambino in a green or camo pattern.

How long is seed of evil?

around 6-10 hours

How do I start the seeds of evil?

Complete all mandatory maps of the main campaign and reach the location of Eden. After using the last computer in Eden, the game will end (ending credits will appear). After viewing the credits, a new campaign will automatically start.30 Jul 2019

What is the fastest way to level up in Mutant Year Zero?

The only way to gain XP in the game is to win fights. Depending on how many enemies participated in a fight, your team can gain one or even a few new levels upon winning this fight. A character (i.e. Selma, Magnus, Farrow) who has just joined your party will level up automatically to match your current level.13 Dec 2018

Is there a sequel to Mutant Year Zero?

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (The Bearded Ladies, 2018) got by on quirk and inexplicably charming characters.15 Mar 2020

How do you start the mutant year zero seed of evil?

– Option 1 – The best: Complete the main campaign.
– Option 2 – Travel to the Mausoleum of Suburbia location.
– Option 3 – Start a new game with a pre-made team.

Is seed of evil worth it?

Offering a plethora of new, enjoyable content to experience for a little under half of the base game’s retail price, Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil represents incredible value for your money. If you enjoyed the base game, than you’d be crazy not to buy this expansion.30 Jul 2019