Shining Force II

As a student of Astral the wizard, you and your friends study all the usual subjects: reading, writing, and sword fighting. As your time at school draws to an end, dark events are taking place on the island of Grans. The two Jewels which seal the Door to Darkness have been stolen, allowing a creature of awesome power to be unleashed.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Shining Force II released?

Shining Force II was released on 26 Jan, 2011

Who was the developer that made Shining Force II?

SEGA were the developers that made Shining Force II

Is Kiwi good Shining Force 2?


How do you get the vigor ball in Shining Force 2?

There are two Vigor Balls, you will find one in a hidden chest in the Elven Town and the other is behind a lone tree at the Dojo where you find Sheela. The only characters you can use the Vigor Ball on are Sarah and Karna.

Where can I find kiwi in Shining Force 2?

Kiwi is a turtle found at the beginning of Shining Force II. You can see him in the beginning of the game being held in a cell with several beastmen. Later after an earthquake hits the city and opens his cage you can find Kiwi hiding in a storage shed by the docks and recruit him.

Will there ever be another shining force?

Hive will release a new Shining Force smartphone game tentatively titled Shining Force: Hikari to Yami no Eiyū (Hero of Light and Darkness). The company plans to launch the game in early 2022. The game will be free to play and will feature micro-transactions.15 Aug 2021

Where is the secret book in Shining Force 2?

the Elven Town

What does the Dry Stone do in Shining Force 2?

Mithril And Dry Stone Search the fireplace to obtain the Dry Stone, which will allow you to enter a secret town later on in the game.14 Mar 2017

What does the vigor ball do in Shining Force 2?

The Vigor Ball is used to promote a Priest into a Master Monk, instead of a Vicar. The benefits of using the Vigor Ball are that the Master Monk is able to equip Glove and Knuckle weapons, which give an extreme increase to attack, though you lose the ability to use Staves.

What does warrior pride do in Shining Force 2?

Promotes a Warrior into a Baron. Warrior Pride is a secret item in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.

How many characters can you have in Shining Force 2?

3-4 characters

What do you do with the Domingo egg in Shining Force?

An egg is located in a suit of armor in Manarina’s castle. In order to hatch the egg, the egg must be taken to Pao and incubated. After the egg is hatched, Domingo will join the Force at Level 1. In Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force CD, search the bushes in Battle 12(the nighttime ambush battle) to find him.