Space Station 14

Disasters, enemies, and incompetence conspire to make each shift aboard the station a unique and hellish experience. Sign up today to explore intricate game mechanics and enjoy limitless player interaction! (Nanotrasen Inc. is not responsible for injury, death, or worse).

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Space Station 14 released?

Space Station 14 was released on When we code it

Who was the developer that made Space Station 14?

Space Wizards Federation were the developers that made Space Station 14

What is Space Station 13 code?

SS13 is coded in Byond, which is an object oriented programming language.4 Dec 2020

Is Space Station 13 online?

Space Station 13

Why is Space Station 13 so popular?

Space Station 13 garnered attention from various video game journalism websites over the years. The game served as a direct inspiration for the role-playing video game Barotrauma, and was also mentioned by Eurogamer as an inspiration for the now-cancelled game ION by DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall.

Is space station 14 a sequel?

Space Station 14 is a free and open source remake and a continuation of an earlier attempt.11 May 2020

How do I join the Space Station 13 server?

Click the yellow arrow sign to join the game through DD, and the red stop sign to shut the server down when you’re done. Click on the byond://[IP]:[port] text to copy the link to the server into your clipboard. You can then share that link with others and they will be able to join your server with it!11 Apr 2022

How do you drag in Space Station 13?

– For example, to climb onto a table, drag and drop your character to the table.
– To put things on/take things off of someone, drag and drop their character onto yourself.

Did among us copy Space Station 13?

In a nutshell, Among Us is a bare-bones version of SS13, and it is a great alternative to people who don’t want to feel overwhelmed with game mechanics.9 Sept 2020

How does Space Station 13 work?

Players choose from a selection of different jobs available on the crew of a futuristic space station called Space Station 13 (so named, its creator revealed in an interview, because bad things happen with the number 13 ). The players then play out the round, interacting with each other and the environment around them.30 Nov 2017

Is Space Station 13 still up?

Space Station 13

How do you whisper in Space Station 13?

Type Say”*help” whilst in-game for a full list. Whisper: Speak quietly, only audible to those right next to you.1 Apr 2022