Stay Out of the House

Edge of your seat STEALTH HORROR as you try to escape the house of a cannibal SERIAL KILLER…. Stay Out of the House is inspired by VHS era slasher movies and PS1 survival horror games

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Stay Out of the House released?

Stay Out of the House was released on ???

Who was the developer that made Stay Out of the House?

Puppet Combo were the developers that made Stay Out of the House

When was stay out of the house made?


What is Puppet Combo best game?

– 7 Power Drill Massacre.
– 6 Christmas Massacre.
– 5 The Glass Staircase.
– 4 Nun Massacre.
– 3 The Night Ripper.
– 2 Babysitter Bloodbath.
– 1 Murder House.

What are the 3 main searches when buying a house?

The 3 main searches done when buying a house This search highlights: Planning issues. Building control issues. Highways issues.

Is Puppet Combo making a new game?

Date Title Status
—- —————— ——–
2017 Pitchfork Massacre On Pause

Who made Puppet Combo?

Ben Cocuzza

Who is behind Puppet Combo?

Ben Cocuzza

Which Puppet Combo game is the scariest?

Power Drill Massacre. A Puppet Combo classic, “Power Drill Massacre” debuted in 2015 and still holds up as one of the studio’s moodiest and most frightening games.2 Nov 2021

Who is the killer in stay out of the house?

Night Shift Abductor
First appearance
Voice Actor