SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

SuperEpic is a satirical and humorous Metroidvania style action-adventure game, starring a raccoon and a llama in their quest to save an Orwellian society from the rule of an evil corporation. RegnantCorp is an enterprise which is controlling minds through abusive micro transactions.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was SuperEpic: The Entertainment War released?

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War was released on 12 Dec, 2019

Who was the developer that made SuperEpic: The Entertainment War?

Undercoders were the developers that made SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

How long is SuperEpic?

The main game of SuperEpic can take 10 to 11 hours depending on your completion rate. I believe I finished close to 11 hours with a 99.1% completion rate. For a Metroidvania, I feel the total playtime of this game hits the perfect sweet spot.5 Dec 2019

Is SuperEpic difficult?

Nothing is too difficult in terms of SuperEpic’s platforming, with the majority of “tough” jumps just being a way to bar you off from later areas until you pick up certain abilities. Instead, difficulty is created through the chaotic use of enemies who race towards you to fight.2 Jan 2020