The Room Two

Unique events transport you to the halls of a long-forgotten crypt. The only means of escape lies locked within a stone pedestal, along with a note from your mysterious ally. His words promise assistance, but only serve to entice you into a compelling world of mystery and exploration.

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When was The Room Two released?

The Room Two was released on 5 Jul, 2016

Who was the developer that made The Room Two?

Fireproof Games were the developers that made The Room Two

Where can I play The Room 2?

The Room Two – Apps on Google Play.

Is the room two scary?

It’s not just a world you can feel, but one you can almost smell – faded varnish, scuffed velvet and dust undisturbed for decades. Make no mistake, this is a scary game. Where The Room was creepy and occasionally unsettling, The Room 2 turns into a flat-out horror story.12 Dec 2013

Is The Room a good game?

Since its release in 2012, The Room has widely been regarded as one of the best pure puzzlers to come along in years. Strong on tightly-integrated puzzle design and mechanics in a single location, it is equally light on plot, with just a hint of a story revealed via notes as you progress.15 Feb 2019

Is The Room game Creepy?

Make no mistake, this is a scary game. Where The Room was creepy and occasionally unsettling, The Room 2 turns into a flat-out horror story. … Indeed, while you’ll follow the puzzles just fine, if you haven’t played the first game you may find the events that follow a little too obtuse.

Will there be a sequel to the room old sins?

The third sequel, The Room: Old Sins was first released for mobile on the iOS on 25 January 2018; the Android version was released on 19 April 2018. It was released on Windows on 11 February 2021. The Room VR: A Dark Matter was released on 26 March 2020.

Do The Room games have a story?

The game has a minimal story, in which the player is told by letters of a mysterious box in a room in a house; as the player solves the puzzles around the box, more notes from the same author – one who previously had solved the mystery of the box – are found, describing the box’s use of an ethereal material called ” …

Will there be a The Room 2?

The Room Two is a puzzle video game developed by British-based Fireproof Games as a sequel to The Room. The game was originally developed for the iPad and released in December 2013; it was made universal to work with the iPhone in January 2014.

Is the room 3 Scary?

If for some reason The Room 3 is the first toe you’ve dipped into the franchise and you have absolutely no idea what to expect, the old lady’s appearance manages to indicate that this a series packed with mystery, laced with a little bit of horror, and built around the very concept of just what a puzzle is.10 Nov 2015

Is the game The Room free?

Name The Room
———— ———-
MOD Features No
Version 1.08
Size 200M
Price FREE $0.99