The Touryst

Discover exotic islands and explore ancient monuments – Climb into deep mines and uncover secret passages – Make the trip you always wanted and enjoy the tourist life – An action adventure as varied as real life – 240fps supported – Enjoy your vacation!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was The Touryst released?

The Touryst was released on 10 Dec, 2021

Who was the developer that made The Touryst?

Shin’en Multimedia were the developers that made The Touryst

Is The Tourist only 1 season?

The BBC has officially announced The Tourist will return for season 2. We can’t wait! Considering the drama left viewers on a cliffhanger with the first season’s finale, fans have been clamouring for The Man – who we found out was called Elliot – to return.22 Mar 2022

How long does it take to beat the Touryst?

When focusing on the main objectives, The Touryst is about 5 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 7 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What type of game is the Touryst?

The Touryst

Will there be a second season of squid game?

It’s officially a green light: “Squid Game,” Netflix’s breakout hit of 2021, will be getting a Season 2, co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos affirmed.It’s officially a green light: “Squid Game,” Netflix’s breakout hit of 2021, will be getting a Season 2, co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos affirmed.20 Jan 2022

How do you get coordinates on Touryst?

Drop down, climb the ladder, and open the door. In this next room, walk forward and talk to the Old Tourist. When prompted, sit down and press X to activate the apparatus. You’ll receive the Coordinates Print-Out item.14 Jan 2021

Is the Touryst worth playing?

A wonderful and whimsical game with delightful graphics, and varied puzzles and mini-games throughout. Well worth playing!

How do you sprint in Touryst?

You can sprint in two different ways: by holding RB and moving forward or by holding RB and standing in place until the sprint is fully charged. Release RB to dash forward.14 Jan 2021

Is The Tourist a limited series?

That is the starting gun for “The Tourist,” a six-part limited series that premieres Thursday on HBO Max. After the man, played by Jamie Dornan (“Belfast”), leaves the hospital, it becomes clear he was involved in some murky business in his former life, and someone definitely wants him dead.11 Mar 2022

Will there be a Touryst 2?

The Touryst and Yakuza Kiwami 2 are among 7 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. They’re all scheduled to release by the end of the month. Xbox Game Pass for PC will get seven new games throughout the rest of July, and one of them is a former Nintendo Switch exclusive.15 Jul 2020

Is the Touryst a good game?

The Touryst is a soothing and relaxing experience thanks to the lovingly rendered voxel graphics and the (mostly) gentle gameplay, and despite some occasional moments of frustration, playing it really does feel like taking a mini-vacation.20 Dec 2019