Thief Simulator 2

The door to your robber’s career is waiting! Just crowbar the lock off and force your way through the threshold. Learn skills, collect tools and become a master of the thieving trade!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Thief Simulator 2 released?

Thief Simulator 2 was released on TBA

Who was the developer that made Thief Simulator 2?

MrCiastku were the developers that made Thief Simulator 2

How do I get to 202 in Thief Simulator?

The BEST way to get into the house is using the latice on the back of the house park you van right up against the wall and like Bibeast said run and jump onto the van and the walk carefully to the edge of van and climb the latice. Beware of the cameras and the gaurd walking past the back door and windows.21 Dec 2018

How do you break into 113 Thief Simulator?

Greenview 113 is a medium-sized house which is easy to get into and out of. The back fence has vines on both sides, and the tenants leave their bedroom window open. Both tenants are out for a long time. The front door requires a door key to open, you can find the door key in the bedroom.

Is Thief Simulator a good game?

There were some times when I really did have fun with this game, but a lack of content, poor presentation and a plethora of technical issues hold the game back from reaching its true potential. There is a gem in Thief Simulator somewhere, it’s just one that you need to dig really deep to reach.5 May 2021

Will there be a thief Simulator 2?

Thief Simulator 2, a mix of stealth, adventure and simulation, will debut in 2022 on PC. The developers promise plenty of upgrades and new possibilities, including three diverse slots filled with items and objectives.

Is Thief Simulator coop?

Gameplay doesn’t fit co-op right now, we don’t gave plans for multiplayer at this moment sorry.8 Sept 2018

Is there a thief Simulator 2?

Thief Simulator 2, a mix of stealth, adventure and simulation, will debut in 2022 on PC.

Does Thief Simulator have a story?

SPOILER WARNING: This page contains every Thief Simulator story mission and includes Vinny’s dialogue between missions, as well as tips/walkthroughs for completing each step. Throughout the game, the thief will be working for the Lombardis, a crime family that he owes money to for bailing him out of jail.

What is the best house to rob in Thief Simulator?

The easiest houses are 109 – 111, which are used for the tutorial, and the most difficult are 101 and 102. Most of the houses on Greenview represent a lower-to-middle class suburb, and there won’t be as many valuable items to find as there will be on Richie R.