Umineko: Golden Fantasia

The tag-team fighting game based on the original “Umineko When They Cry” series, finally released on Steam, in English and with improved rollback netplay!

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Umineko: Golden Fantasia released?

Umineko: Golden Fantasia was released on 9 Dec, 2017

Who was the developer that made Umineko: Golden Fantasia?

07th Expansion were the developers that made Umineko: Golden Fantasia

Is battler related to Beatrice?

The Golden Witch Beatrice is fundamentally a fictional creature, a fantasy, an alias. She doesn’t exist in the real world. But I get you two are actually thinking at Beatrice= Yasuda Sayo, who was the daughter of Kuwadorian Beatrice (aunt of Battler and daughter of Kinzo) and Ushiromiya Kinzo (grandfather of Battler).

Is Yasu A Beatrice?

Sayo Yasuda (安田 紗代, Yasuda Sayo), also known as simply Sayo (紗代) or Yasu (ヤス), is a servant for the Ushiromiya family. She is the true form of the witch Beatrice and the servants Shannon and Kanon, the true identity of The Man From 19 Years Ago, and the true writer of the message bottles.

What is Princess mode in umineko?

The player also has the option of playing Normal Mode or Princess Mode: Normal Mode is the standard control scheme while Princess Mode omits some moves but makes button inputs easier to do.

Who is Kanon umineko?

Kanon is a hero from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Also known by his real name of Yoshiya, he is a young servant of the Ushiromiya family who works in Rokkenjima’s mansion.

How do you block the Golden Fantasia?

In order to do that, press the little “…” button for the button of choice, and then press the key of choice on your keyboard. If your assigned buttons overlap with Golden Fantasia’s default controls (WASD, Spacebar, etc.), enable “Block Keys” so that ingame functions don’t overlap.4 Dec 2017

Is Kanon and Shannon the same person?

As we know that Shannon and Kanon are the same person and cannot appear in the same room/vicinity with other people around, in EP5 when they appear together this was a fantasy scene. However, during the first twilight of EP2 Shannon and Kanon appear to show up in the view of Rosa and Gohda.

How do you unlock black battler umineko?

Black Battler can also be unlocked as a playable character by beating Arcade Mode once on any difficulty as a team of Battler and any other character. Black Battler has only one story mode route with Shannon. In this route, the two of them join forces to commit murders on Rokkenjima.

How can Shannon and Kanon be in the same room?

The reason Shannon and Kanon allowed to appear in the same scenes together is because, in those scenes, they’re either not in the room with the Detective, or the Detective doesn’t acknowledge both of them at the same time. The closed rooms were all constructed in various different ways.4 Jan 2018

Does Beatrice like battler?

Battler is Beatrice’s opponent and rival. Beatrice opposes Battler’s anti-magic stance and does whatever she can to make him submit and accept magic. She relishes in seeing and tormenting Battler cry and scramble to form theories, even humiliating him at one point by making him into furniture.

Who is battler mother umineko?

Asumu Ushiromiya