Victory At Sea

Engage in epic RTS warfare across 3 huge campaigns as well as other battle modes. Create your own fleet of ships, pick your side and enter into World War II naval combat on a global scale.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Victory At Sea released?

Victory At Sea was released on 8 Aug, 2014

Who was the developer that made Victory At Sea?

Evil Twin Artworks were the developers that made Victory At Sea

What does Victory at Sea mean?

victory at sea (uncountable) (idiomatic) Ocean conditions that are very windblown and messy, possibly to the point of being inimical to surfing and other watersports.

What does the AT sea mean?

Someone who’s at sea is completely lost or deeply confused. When you’re giving a speech, the last thing you want is to appear to be at sea, stumbling over your words and losing your place.

Who wrote Victory at Sea?

History. The project was conceived by Henry Salomon, who, while a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander during World War II, was a research assistant to historian Samuel Eliot Morison. Morison was then writing the 15-volume History of United States Naval Operations in World War II.

Is Victory at Sea a good game?

Victory at Sea is not without some charm. The basic ship combat is simplistic but fun, and though controlling large-scale battles is tricky and occasionally cumbersome it can be pretty satisfying.8 Aug 2014

What does totally at sea mean?

very confused

Who owns Victory at Sea?

Victory at Sea
Production company
Original network

When was Victory at Sea filmed?

The groundbreaking 1952 television documentary “Victory at Sea” and its magnificent musical score marked an enduring tribute to the US Navy’s role in winning World War II. The concept for one of the greatest film documentaries ever produced originated in the mind of Henry “Pete” Salomon, Jr. (1917-1958).8 Sept 2020

Where does the expression all at sea come from?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘All at sea’? This is an extension of the nautical phrase ‘at sea’. It dates from the days of sail when accurate navigational aids weren’t available. Any ship that was out of sight of land was in an uncertain position and in danger of becoming lost.

Why is all at sea a metaphor?

The phrase “all at sea” means confusion or being lost. In other words, when a person is highly confused, he/she cannot decide what to do in some situation. It is also important to note that before the navigation system was invented, many sailors were lost at sea. They were in dangerous situations, hence lost.

How long is Richard Rodgers Symphony Victory at Sea?

After first completing work on the 1951 Broadway musical production The King and I, Rodgers began composing the background music for the 13-hour “Victory at Sea” series.