Where is my mom

Where is my mom [/] The game tells a story about the fate of a girl who was stolen.Waking up in the house, she does not understand how she ended up there.All she wants now is to escape from captivity and find her family.A side-scrolling game.

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When was Where is my mom released?

Where is my mom was released on 1 Aug, 2021

Who was the developer that made Where is my mom?

PimpGameStudio were the developers that made Where is my mom

Who wrote Are You My Mother?

P. D. Eastman

Where is my mom by Julia Donaldson?

Description. A butterfly tries to help a lost young monkey find its mother in the jungle, meeting many different animals along the way. When little monkey can’t find his mother, butterfly offers to help in the search. Little monkey says that his mother is big, so butterfly leads him to . . . an elephant.

Are You My Mother story Questions?

Ask questions that require more than yes or no answers. Why didn’t the baby bird see his mother? How do you think he felt when he couldn’t find his mother? What did the baby bird think the Snort was going to do? How did the baby bird feel when his mother came back?

Is Julia Donaldson rich?

So as you could imagine, the author has amassed some pretty impressive royalties along the way. According to Net Worth List, the author’s net worth now stands at £85million. Having written more than 160 books across her 20-year career, we’re hardly surprised!23 Dec 2020

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Where is my Mommy children’s book?

Baby Penguin has lost his mommy, and searches all over for her. There are lots of other animals around but none of them turn out to be Mom…. Follow Baby Penguin’s adventure in this cute and colorful book with touch-and-feel surprises on every spread.