Worms Revolution

Worms™ Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to the PC.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was Worms Revolution released?

Worms Revolution was released on 10 Oct, 2012

Who was the developer that made Worms Revolution?

Team17 Digital Ltd were the developers that made Worms Revolution

Is worms WMD free on Xbox?

After launching our latest free update to Worms W.M.D earlier this week, we’ve like to celebrate by inviting everyone to the battlefields on Xbox One and Steam – completely FREE ALL WEEKEND!

Is Worms Revolution on Xbox?

Worms Revolution

How do you name worms in Worms Revolution?

Go into the customisation options. There you can rename every single worm and purchase new ones (different classes etc.). EDIT: Reading your post again made me realize you know this menu. :D. Just click on a Worm’s name and type in whatever you want.11 Oct 2012

Is Worms Rumble free?

Worms Rumble is the Latest Battle Royale, Free Now on PlayStation Plus.1 Dec 2020

Does Xbox One have Worms 3D?

Finally, to the excitement of fans everywhere ‘Worms’ comes to your Xbox in full 3D. Continuing to capture the true essence of the game as teams of worms battle across bizarre randomly generated landscapes, or across finely crafted custom-designed levels utilizing an arsenal of devastating weapons.

Does Worms Revolution have multiplayer?

Worms™ Revolution sticks an exploding sheep under worm-on-worm conflict and blasts it squarely into the 21st century. With 32 single player missions, 20 single player puzzles, online or local multiplayer for up to 4 players, 3 multiplayer modes, customisation, worm classes and dynamic water!

How do you switch players in worms Armageddon?

Description. Once this weapon is selected from your inventory, press Space and two rotating arrows will appear above your worm’s head. Press Tab to switch to the next worm on your team. Once you press Space, you can switch worms as many times as you want.

Does worms have co op?

Currently, yes, Worms Rumble only supports online multiplayer, but it does allow for crossplay. Thus, if your “player two” owns a PC, PS4, or PS5, you can befriend them and join their lobby in just a few steps. The feature will let your friends be on the same team as you in any available game modes.2 Dec 2020

Is worms Rumble free on Xbox?

Want to play on Xbox? Game Pass subscribers can play Worms Rumble for free as part of their subscription on PC or console!

Do you need PS Plus for Worms Rumble?

*Online multiplayer requires internet connection and PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately); fees recur until canceled.25 Nov 2020

Will Worms Rumble be free?

Worms Rumble Is Out Now, With Spaceport Added In Free Update.23 Jun 2021