YORG.io is a game with an original twist on supply chains and zombies. Your goal is to build a base which survives the night which is when zombies attack. Build and upgrade defensive towers to protect your base and try to survive as long as possible.

Frequency asked questions and rumours

When was YORG.io released?

YORG.io was released on 23 May, 2019

Who was the developer that made YORG.io?

Tobias Springer were the developers that made YORG.io

Is YORG IO free?

YORG.io is available to play for free.

How do you get good at YORG io?

– Prioritize upgrading your base and crystal mines over anything else.
– Do not build anything else than transporters and crystals mines before day 27 but if you use this strategy then keep your transporters at a very low level (so low that the cost to upgrade them is barely noticable)